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Available for Cox Business Hosted Voice Systems, Business Phone Lines & Trunking Services.

Dubber products available with Cox Business

Call recording

All the benefits of traditional call recording, without any of the restrictions of legacy solutions. Every call is recorded and securely stored, ensuring organizations have everything they need to comply with a range of industry regulations.

On Demand

We offer user-initiated call capture at an affordable price point. You never know when you might need to replay a call. On Demand gives users the ability to capture all or part of a call at the touch of a button.


Have you ever put the phone down and forgotten what the last point was? Playback is the answer. This unique service allows users to save calls up to three days after the conversation took place via the Dubber app.


Our voice AI product, Zoe is incredibly powerful. Locate recordings by searching for specific words spoken during a conversation. Identify a speaker’s emotions using technology that can examine tone of voice, speed of speech, and stress levels.

Mobile App

Keep every one of your recordings in the palm of your hand with the Dubber app. Play and manage your calls at any time, from anywhere. Now with the added voice AI technology of Zoe and new tool Meeting Recorder.

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